Web design

Numerous studies have shown most customers check a businesses website BEFORE either making a purchase or contacting said business. 

Your small business or organization NEEDS a website. 

You hire someone to do your taxes, paint your office, mow your lawn, fix that dripping faucet, shouldnt you hire a professional for your website build?

We can design an appealing website that will give you a professional polished presence on the internet.  For a minimal price we can build you a 4 page website which you can promote. 


Website hosting and maintenance


Building your website is only the first step. Your website is a collection of files that make up your site. The internet is a constantly changing place. Files can get lost, links to documents or other sites get “broken”. This can be frustrating to your potential customers who are “checking out” your site with the intent of potentially becoming customers.

 Making sure those links stay connected and site works as originally planned is our job. You have enough to worry about in your day to day struggle to build your business. 

Please see the "terms agreement" for the nitty gritty details.


The Facebook question

  Why not “just have a Facebook page”? 

A Facebook page can be deleted or taken down for any reason that some faceless, nameless person sees fit. They are working for a behemoth company that, let’s face it, has never heard of you and may have different priority’s than you. 

Do you really want to trust your company’s presence on the web to a company that can “cancel you” at any time? With your own website, you have PAID for that web presence. It can’t be taken away from you without you being able to fight for it.

How do I start?

Does all this sound interesting?  Wonder if your company name is available? Check it out on our products page button below then go to "Domain Registration" to see if your web name (known as a URL) is available. it costs nothing to search! 

Remember if your exact match to your business is not available, try your business/group name associated with your city or state. If your looking to use "bobs autos" as your company name and it's already taken, try or  Be imaginative but keep it as short as possible.

Then when you have secured your url (web address of sorts) download the service agreement, look it over, sign and get us a copy.

Then pay the fee online on the service agreement page and we will contact you and get this process started.

Three steps is all it takes!

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